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Monday, September 19, 2011

Bazaar Finds

Last Month I was able to join a bazaar at one of the major universities in my city. I have an online shop and joining these kinds of events help promote my site and my craft. It was a week long event and believe me, preparing for such an event can be exhausting. Therefore to cure my exhaustion, I did a little shopping. (me and my excuses) hehe

I purchased some of the items with my own money, but most of it was purchased by my ever supportive mom ;) so here's my loot:

I got these Items from: a fellow Ilonga online seller Allidia Co

My mom got 3 of the things on the last day of the bazaar giving her 20% off her entire purchase plus a freebie! She's such a lucky buyer. Oh well here's what I purchased prior to the SALE date.

1. COVER GIRL: Fresh Complexion Pocket Powder Foundation in 665

I got it for only 100php it was on sale

The color of the powder foundation in the Photo (right) is a little darker than it's actual shade. The color is a warm brown suitable for medium to morena skintones. I was happy to have this in my stash now since I have been looking for a dark colored powder. Plus I scored bigtime on the price that I got it for.

here's a size comparison with my elf blush and bronzer duo. Just so that you get an idea on how much product you will be getting.

I have already used the powder foundation when I shot this picture hence the dirty sponge :)

2. MAYBELLINE: Moisture Extreme in G132 Nude Blush

The lipstick is a light nude. It is sheer when applied once on the lips. So you might want to add a couple layers to get the desired tint. It's almost like a lip gloss. It glides smoothly on the lips even without applying a lipbalm. (see swatch below) priced at 175php only

Swatch on my volumptious(if i spelled that correctly) lips haha! excuse the bare imperfect face
So those were the 2 things that I spent my own money on. Now here's my Mom's Shopping treat.

3. LOREAL PARIS: Air Wear Breathable Long-Wearing Foundation SPF 14 in no. 80 Caramel

My mom got this for P250 less 20%

I found it hard to get the true color of the foundation to show in a picture. This is the best that I could get from my camera.
I havent tried this on my face yet which means there will be a future review :) I just hope that it could stand the Philippine weather.

4. HAZEL BISHOP: Eye Shadow Classics 705 Mystical Mauves

 Perfect for everyday wear or a smokey look for going out at night. I cant wait to try these ones out. Although, I might just let my mom use this. I do have my 88 palette in case I need shades of purple on my eyelids. I'll be teaching her "Make-up 101" soon . . . hehe :) We'll probably share this.

This is the best way I could describe the colors:
L-R: Purple brown, lilac, light Violet, lavender. I hope I got those right. All are in Satin finishes. Mom got it for P150 less 20%. (great deal!)

5. MAYBELLINE: Color Sensational Lipstick in 545 Sweet Nectar
I actually like the packaging
Sweet Nectar is a really nice frosted red color with a slight hint of pink. ( It looks more pink in the photo at the Right)
It's more berryish' in person with a subtle hint of orange. great for someone who wants to wear red in a conservative way.
Price: P175

6. FREEBIE: LANMEI loose eyeshadow in shade no. 61

It's a nice Gun Metal Black shade (camera was on poster effect setting when this was taken hence the discoloration of my hands! lol )
I actually like this eyeshadow's pigmentation. This will be great for a smokey eye. Although you might need to use very precise hands or brush for application and remember that a little goes a long way with this baby. I think you can get a hold of a simillar product from ebay.

So That's it for my bazaar finds. I hope you like this post and expect more from my blog this month! Thank you for following my blog!

Take care pretty readers!


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  1. wow nice haul! i like the lipstick and eyeshadow palette :)


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