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Monday, September 10, 2012

A little Shopping

Hello! I'm back in the blogosphere!

It has been a while! since my last post. One reason, WORK. I got a job a few months back and needless to say, I haven't had time to take photos, write or even conceptualize a blog post. Heck I didnt even get a chance to shop-till-i-drop. Hehe, so since I'm free this week a.k.a ditched my job I decided to shop-a-little and show you the goodies I got!

First off I went to my trusty SM Mall in the city initially to watch and support my friend on one of her cosplay events. After that I tried to look for a bag and a pair of shoes. I was a little sick even till now so the shopping wasn't all that fun and I wasn't able to find the perfect bag. I wasn't really sure what I was looking for although I did find a good pair of shoes from So Fab I am happy I got it on sale! I had shoes like this with a similar style and shape before but that was long ago. This one's a classic but quite trendy as well. I love that it's a neutral  color! It's quite comfy too. I'm a bargain shopper, I love good deals! Got this for 399! haha

I also went to Watsons after to get a few items I wanted to try and which I'm almost out of. 

The next day, I decided to run a couple of errands with my cousin and rummaged trough a bunch of thrift stores a.k.a "ukay-ukay". If you ever come to Iloilo, there are a lot of ukay2 stores in Mary Mart Mall! all are air conditioned! too bad I didnt find anything I liked. Well, clothing wise... but I did find this adorable decor! When I saw this a few days back in "Toppings" <---- (the ukay2 store which also carries brandnew makeup by nyx, mememe, sleek and a few others), I wanted to purchase it, but chose not to just because I didn't know where to put it. So when I went back with my cousin, I couldn't help myself anymore hehe... It's going home with me baby!. It was ONLY a whooping Php30.00 and in mint condition!

Its a litte birdie! A quail maybe? I don't really know but I bet I saw something like this online. I'm going to display this on my shelves for now. :) It's pretty isn't it?

A few days back, I decided to pick up nail polishes as well. Now that I could paint my nails again :) hurray!

A mix of Spring and Fall shades :) 

Lastly I'll share with you my not so recent purchase of blushes. I haven't blogged about my makeup finds but there's really not much to share...

I decided to get new blushes from 2 local brands which looked very similar in its packaging. One is from Ever Bilena and the other from Nichido.
At first glace they look very similar! I was about to kick myself in the butt when I realized I got the same shade from different brands BUT no... lets look again:

See the difference? One's more rose pink and the other an orange pink if that made sense. teehee ^,~
The Ever Bilena in "ROSE" have micro shimmers but is not overwhelming at all. It gives the cheeks a little sheen. The Nichido "TOMATO" is matte and I remember the makeup artist used this on my class during my college year book photo shoot. That's a good sign that this shade would work well with almost all skin tones!

here are the swatches:
Blended out

Well, that's it for now... new posts in a few days!


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