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Monday, March 21, 2011


HAUL time

I know. . .  i should not be spending money. but hey, its hard earned cash and i need to treat myself for being a diligent student. teehee ^,^ (thats my lame excuse) for buying stuff.

So here's a preview of what I bought:
I also got 2 pairs of jeans for only 500 pesos!

SM malls in my area had a huge 3 day sale. other malls such as Robinsons and Gaisano held their sales as well.

for a rundown of what I got I'll be showing you the pictures up close:
Celeteque 3 in one facial care pack. It has a facial wash, alcohol free toner and an oil free facial moisturizer all in one package. It cost me 150 pesos. Each bottle has 25ml of product inside. I am looking for the best products to use for my skin and Im excited to try these 3 out! :D I just hope it works.  

The next item I got was:
The Ever Bilena Mousse Concealer. I am planning to use this as a makeup base/ foundation.
my shade: Honey Beige

The next product is 
I got  shades of red lippies from Ever Bilena for 99php each! Just an update: They will not pull out the current Matte lipstick line nor reformulate or repackage it. after the promo period they will simply bring the prices back to 125 php. >,<

here's the lippies up close:

I also got a couple of thing from ELF since they were having a 10% off your elf purchase. I got these brushes and the elf blush and bronzer. 
T-B: Foundation brush, eyeshadow brush, face brush. Original price for each is 129php it was on sale for 116php

many makeup gurus would say that these are dupes for NARS Orgasm and Laguna Bronzer. I personally could not agree nor disagree since I dont have the NARS products to compare it to.
originally 249.75 php i got it for 224.80 php

I also got 1 thing from Nichido:
The Girls Night Out blackest black eye pencil for 80php

On my way out from the mall I passed by a stall that was selling random goods and beauty products. I saw these nail polishes brand: Klik for 12php only! I said I need to grab them lol. Im not very particular w/ brand names for nail polishes at the moment so i dared to try it out.
so here are the colors that I liked:

L-R: Frosted Bronzed Platinum, Regular Capuccino, Frosted Apple Green, Regular Love

2 of which are frosted and the other 2 are cream finish.

lastly I got 2 new lip glosses from Careline:
shades no. 11 and no. 01 respectively

no.11 is more of a vintagey pink and the no.1 is more of a lavender pink or a hot pink shade. 

Let me know If you want me to swatch the products and show them to you in this blog. Thank you for Reading and please do visit my other blogs linked at the side bar. 

I will not shop for new items within this month. I spent a ton already and I don't like doing so. haha 

But I would not promise though coz,
I love everything pretty!

Take Care! 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Face Shop Nail Polish

I got these nail polishes from the Face Shop last month when I was in Bacolod. Got them from SM City Bacolod for 95 php. A little over $2 each

L-R: PP408, WH003, BL602
It is a Korean Brand. I was looking for a matte lilac and blue color and found it there. I know its a lot more expensive than the other local brands but I guess its worth a try. I got it in three colors: (however I would really love it if they labeled the shades with a certain  "name" instead of just numbers and letters.)

It comes in an 11 ml container.

The purple/lilac color has a matte to satin finish. It is not as matte as the other matte nail polishes from Etude since it has a tiny hint of gloss. same as through with the powder blue one. But I'm not really particular about that. I actually like the pastel shades with a hint of gloss.

The one in the middle is a shimmery-sheer pearl white nail polish. I usually coat it on top of a colored nail polish to give it a shimmery topcoat. you can use the WH003 alone but I guess you would need to do 2 coats of it for the shimmer to really stand out. it goes as a shimmery pearl white says the lady at the store. I haven't tried doing that yet.
The shade here looks golden because of the shimmer and the camera's flash

here's a photo of the blue one w/ a colorless topcoat from Ever Bilena:

Consistency:   well, you would definitely need two coats when you want it to show the real colors of the polish since I find it to be slightly runnier than the Caronia/Bobbie nail polishes. It is almost like a cold "fresh milk texture" (i have no other way of explaining it but through a drink. haha) It doesn't dry as quick as i would want it to be after application. So it's definitely not anything you would want to put on right before you leave the house. I hate it when i have to double coat. I end up getting my nails messed up.

Staying power: well, it goes to about 3-4 days until the nail polish chipped on the tips of my nails. And a week before I had to remove them at max. depending on what you do.

Appearance/packaging: its a 4 out of 5 since its a bit bulkier than the other ones i have. but the container itself is very cute.

I like the colors of the faceshop nail polishes and they do have a wide range of shades to choose from. however for a budget freak like me, Id rather buy a much cheaper local brand. but I'm surprised that the nail polish does not dry out easily unlike other brands. (which i will have reviews as well soon) Thats why I would still love to purchase some more.

Prettiness Rating: 4/5 :)

x0x0 ER

Friday, March 4, 2011

P250 Accessories Haul

I got a few accessories! i only spent 250 php for everything! it was on sale so pretty much that explains the BIG savings! 

the photo above are the goodies that i got from Shop and Match
a local retail store run by a Korean national if im not mistaken. don't quote me on that though! :D

I love the colors of this owl charm. it reminds me of scrapbook papers. I love earth tones, metallics and pastels which makes this necklace perfect for me! :)

here's my favorite purchase. a multicolored vintagey ring w/ a decent amount of "pop" in it. whats good with this ring is that you could pair it with almost anything and wear it at almost any occasion. its conservative but also a statement ring. 
"I received a lot of compliments whenever i wear this ring" :) u should get something similar too

I like this necklace with all the dangling chains and that feather is really nice when worn on top of a plain tee :)

i like this necklace because of the pearls and its simplicity. its very conservative as well but also trendy. 

here are the bangles w/ my turquoise ring. I'm currently into turquoise and blues lately. :) maybe i had enough of the pinks already! haha  

lastly, i got these studs. simple and chic. I like it that these are black and white. 

So thats my recent accessories haul! I hope you like it. coz I definitely do!


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