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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Random haul and first impression

Tip number one when you go to the mall for an errand; Don't go near the cosmetics area if you don't intend to spend money :)  but then again, I don't listen to my own advice ha!

I got these items a while back and haven't blogged about any of it yet. so here's my mini haul:
I bet you recognize a few of them but there's also a few in there that seems alien to you and I. I was intrigued as well.

I have been passing by this makeup shelf/counter at a local mall "Gaisano City Iloilo" whenever I get the chance to go there. It had cosmetics which were packaged very pretty although I wasn't really sure which brands and from what countries they originate since there isn't any SA to assist you when you go there in that area, which I find odd. 

I took a few ninja shots of the display with my phone's low res camera:

It reminds me of the Korean makeup brands which is currently a big hit in the country. 

I chose two items; an eye shadow palette from Sivanna Cosmetics and a blush duo from the brand Nice Shop.


The eyeshadow quad in no. 7 is formulated in Korea as claimed in it's packaging.
The adorable pink and white packaging makes the shadows look dainty

It comes with a white shade that has micro glitters, a light cool brown w/ subtle shimmer but one that isn't overpowering, a cool brown w/ warm gold micro shimmers and a taupe w/ iridescent micro glitters as well. 

the quad had a compartment at the bottom with two applicators that I see myself using as a last resort. 

here's the back of the box and I got this quad for P129.95

However, I got a bit disappointed with the eye shadows. I wasn't expecting it to be anything special really. The shadows were powdery, and I find it actually difficult to get the pigments to show on my arms. A foam tip applicator will probably be best to use with the eye shadows. However, I I'm not giving up on them and I'll try to make it work. the second shade from the top is actually the most workable from the quad. 
white, light peachy brown, warm brown & taupe
The blush however, I am happy with. It's a bit powdery but workable. I suggest using your puff or your fingers when blending it on to your cheeks since using a blush brush will cause a ton of fall out. The duo is in no. 07 as well.

The packaging is acrylic which I doubt would survive a clumsy fall. The brush looks cute but is way to scratchy.

The top shade is a light rosy orange which seems matte in the package but can actually reflect light well enough to be used as a subtle highlight on top of the next shade which is a medium tone orange shade which works well on my skin tone when blended out well. The second shade has a satin finish but could definitely pass as a matte blush. 

I got the blushes for 109.95 pesos definitely worth it since I get 8 grams of product. I wish they had more shades when I got them. I'll check out the other products from the brand in the future. 

In case you are wondering.. "NO" I didn't develop any rash or allergic reactions from the products mentioned above on my arms. I haven't used them on my face yet though.

While browsing the Ever Bilena counters I decided to get this Pro Lip Liner in the shade "RED". I only have 2 lip liners, both from AVON and it ain't good, I said why not give this one a try which I think is perfect under dark brown red lipstick. (Hopefully I'll post a review on this later on)

 It's annoying that the color cap on top of the liner is way off from the real shade of the lip product. Thank goodness for testers. This one looks promising!

The last random things I got were two nail polishes from Clik just to use for nail art. and a sponge from Touch Me for applying liquid foundation. 

That's it for the mini haul. Let me know if yo have questions! leave a comment :)


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