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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Heng Fang Lipstick review and swatches (Photo Heavy)

I've always wanted to try cheaper brands of cosmetics which are normally sold in Korean/Chinese owned stores but didn't have the guts to do so because I don't know what's in them. It may sound cliche but you have to admit anything associated with the statement "made in china" makes you uncomfortable, right? But then another cliche "don't judge the book by its cover" definitely applies to this post. 

I've heard a few beauty bloggers actually try products from the brands I'm gonna be writing about and saying that they like it. Thus, knowing myself, I jumped in the band wagon and tried a couple as well, and hey for 20 pesos a piece, spending for it will be fine. Besides, I'm only gonna be buying at least 1 to try out right? 

Not happening... I actually got 10 lipsticks. I got carried away by the color selection and the price and I was really optimistic about these products thus the haul. 

I got 8 lippies from HengFang, 1 from Kiss Beauty, and 1 from Miss Beauty

Ok so I did a little research about these brands and they actually look legit to me since Heng Fang is an established brand for cosmetics. Here's a link to their page in  Alibaba and here's their website: Kiss Beauty and Miss Beauty i think is also made in china. I have also seen a few Asian beauty bloggers use these brands in makeup tutorials and reviews. I own an 88 eye shadow palette and I know its made in China or Taiwan but it actually is a good product thus justifying my purchase. Ok now that I have explained myself lets go into the review. 

I got these lipsticks from a store in Iloilo named New Ginzu Merchandising Inc. if you live in Iloilo City or would want to go there to shop it is located along Ledesma Street. It's the next block after Robinsons Mall if your coming from Timawa. It just opened late last year. This display will welcome you when you enter the store and I'm sure you won't miss them. 

its an entire aisle of cosmetics! on the other side is where you can find these brushes:

Here are the Heng Fang lipsticks: 
I got 8 of the colors
here's the kiss beauty and miss beauty lipsticks respectively


These lipsticks come in different tube designs and are mostly made of plastic or acrylic. I could easily describe it as cheap packaging made out of plastic/acryllic, but I'm NOT complaining. Hey, I only paid 20php for it. It's not the best ones but it works :) not bad at all... Sadly, these babies don't have distinct color names and are only labeled with numbers. I've observed that with the Hengfang lipsticks it doesn't matter what lipstick container you choose to buy, coz it will have the same shades as long as it has the same number. On the other hand, Miss Beauty and Kiss Beauty lipsticks aren't like that which can be confusing, in some containers you wont be able to tell what shade it is w/o opening the tube. I honestly like the lipstick packaging of that one in the middle of the picture mosaic even though it's design is obviously a dupe of the YSL logo, I actually adore the gold shade tube. photo here:

I like this packaging best; it has a gold tube and the cap actually has a round mirror  on top.

this is my least favorite of the bunch. 1st the lipstick broke after twisting it, 2nd the cap isn't  quite secure.
besides the brand name and shade numbers there aren't any information printed in the tube regarding quantity or what the product contains since it also didn't come in a box. The website is of no help to me, it's in another language that I could not understand. boo! 


Heng Fang: It has a fruity scent almost like those fruity candies that you can buy in sari-sari stores hehe  or the ones in a kid's birthday party loot bag (I'm horrible at describing scents...forgive my lack of "scenty" knowledge) haha! even though I'm not a huge fan of that kind of smell, It doesn't bother me since you wont be able to smell it when it's already on your lips.

Kiss Beauty: Also has a fruity scent but is milder than the previous brand.

Miss Beauty: Has a mild lemon or citrus scent to it. But it's barely noticeable. 

All the lipsticks don't taste like anything really so that's actually a good thing :) 

PIGMENTATION, APPLICATION will be discussed through swatches.

Since there are different finishes ranging from cream, metallic/frost to sheer the pigmentation of the lipsticks do vary. The lipsticks are quite creamy and are easy to swipe on the lips however there are sheer ones that you will have to swipe a couple of times to get the color same as in the tube. Note though that there are shades which are very promising. Here are the lip swatches:

Note: I do have pigmented lips to start with :) and I did my best to make sure they are the same color as the tube (I wasn't very successful w/ the frosted ones) 

Color may vary depending on your computer screen settings.

HF no.2
coral pink with sheen
note: I applied a lip balm underneath this swatch. It will look more pigmented w/o the lip balm

HF no. 8
creamy raspberry pink refer to hand swatch for  exact color
surprisingly this swatch didn't come up well in the photo.

HF no.23
creamy hot pink

HF no.24
sheer peach with gold micro shimmer 

HF no.22
sheer Popsicle pink with pink micro shimmer
this will work better on those that have lighter lip shades 

HF no.11
sheer fuchsia with metallic sheen and pink micro shimmer  

HF no.15
sheer berry red with gold micro shimmer

HF no.6
sheer red with pink and gold micro shimmer

KB no.2
sheer coral with sheen

MB no.7
creamy red with orange undertones snd gold micro shimmer/sheen

full arm swatch in different lighting: 

Most Cream finishes are pigmented while the sheer ones aren't. The frosted berry shades are so-so.

In general, it's a hit or miss. Some lip colors are easier to apply than others, some are dead-on same as the shade on the tube and some are way sheer like you have to swipe it a gazillion times to get the pigmentation that you wanted. Sheer colors also have a tendency to streak. My favorites are Heng Fang in shades no. 8 and 23 as well as the Miss Beauty no.7 since these three are very pigmented and are very creamy. Some darker shades will stain your lips which can be a good thing since that would mean less retouching for you. Also, the lipsticks are surprisingly creamy! as well as moisturizing and they glide like butter... well not all of em do. The frosted ones need a tad bit of effort to put on. 
removing the swatches with tissue didn't do quite well :)
don't worry, I used baby wipes to get them off. On the lips, their easier to remove.
But don't expect these lipsticks to cling on your lips all day since they do transfer. Wiping your glass and reapplying the lipsticks after a meal will be necessary so I don't recommend you use them on classy dinner dates ehehe =)

here's a photo of the Miss Beauty no. 7 which I wore while just lounging around the house for roughly 4 hours and eating "Spaghetti" and drinking "cola" from a glass in between. Btw I ate normally ladies :)

As you can see on the photo most of the lipstick is gone, although it stains a little bit just enough to leave color on your lips after a while. If you are out and about doing errands or shopping, I wouldn't worry about them wearing off unless u have plans of eating or drinking.

I have yet to see how the staying power is for the Heng Fang lipsticks and Kiss Beauty lipsticks but I have a feeling it will be the same.

The most important thing is that my lips didn't sting and my arms didn't itch from all the swatches :) I'm very happy with my purchase and might actually check out the store next time for other colors and products from these brands. I'll let you know when ^,~

1. You don't need a lipbalm just exfoliate before putting these on and you'll be good to go.
2. Lining your lips before putting these on will help preserve the color a little bit longer.
3. Do a little skin test before applying the lipsticks on your lips to know if you are allergic to it or not.
4. Make sure to disinfect the lipsticks that aren't plastic/sticker sealed. dunk the lipstick in alcohol and wipe the top layer off or better yet use a vegetable peeler or a blade to scrape to top layer of the lipsticks.

I'm am not encouraging you to buy these lipsticks nor am I discouraging you to try them since I have no clue what ingredients they used to make these (If only I could understand their language). It's up to you to take the risk. I can only say that I'm happy with my purchase and happy with the quality of the lipsticks so far. 

Over all rating: 3.5 out of 5

Thank you for reading my post! I hope I helped you in some way. Comment if you have questions and follow my blog if you would like to see more reviews from me. 
have a wonderful day!



  1. Wow, such an extensive review! I never heard of Heng Fang before but I'd gladly try them if we have them here. The colors are all pretty and with a price like that, who could complain, right? :)

  2. agreed Yen, :) I didn't actually expect this to be a long review but oh well, I wanted to address all the aspects of a lipstick? haha thanks for reading!

  3. hi i want to perchase hengfang cosmetics because im planning to sell it in my online shop. can you help me? :)

    1. How about contacting them directly? Here's a link to their contact information:

      If you see it in Mandarin, there's an option for English at the bottom left of the page.

  4. hope you can help me.just email me:


  5. I have been using HengFang products for almost two years now. My skin is quite sensitive to make up plus I'm working at night time which adds up to the stress my skin is getting. Due to the high prices of the conventional make-up brands, I tried HengFang products which I found in a cosmetic store inside a mall here. Surprisingly, I did not itch and did not have break outs. I got overwhelmed by the price and the shades, too so I bought a couple of shades, a mascara [that I must say is really awesome since it stays on my lashes all night and it extends my short lashes], a liquid liner [which is really cool too 'cause it comes up with a pencil liner and they have glitter liners, too which will make one's eyes look stunning at night] and pencil liners in different shades as well.

    When I noticed their website printed on the mascara tube, I looked it up since I want to know the ingredients of their products. Sadly, no information regarding my query is provided on their site though it is in English [the site gives you the option of switching from Mandarin to English]. I wish I could know the ingredients since it is really important.

    I think it just depends on your skin, your purpose and your preferences.

  6. i love this lipstick color (77) from heng fang cosmetics which i bought yesterday :)
    here's the link :)

  7. You can buy them on ebay, just type in lipstick New 12 Colors Nude Purple Rose Pink Glossy Lipstick Makeup Lip Rouge. I have NOT bought these yet from ebay, I was just looking for reviews before I purchased thought maybe i'd help someone find them :)

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    Wanted to post this read which gives info of certain brands that may contain lead content in them. The brand you mentioned are included. Just a heads up to anyone planning to buy them.


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